Richard & Brigitte’s Wedding Celebration

Richard & Brigitte’s Wedding Celebration

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Richard and Brigitte’s Horseshoe strory is a long and beautiful one – they’ve both been to numerous camps on the farm and were both baptised in our pond, Brigitte’s company, SE Lauterbach and Associates, did the land surveying before we built the chapel and I remember her saying that she might just get married their one day. And she sure did – they started their journey as husband and wife in our chapel and celebrated their union in our hall – they’re as close to family as clients could possibly be! Their wedding was a true family affair with mom-of-the-bride doing all the flowers and decor herself – the floral centrepiece was absolutely breathtaking – and the entire family pitching in to get everyting done in time. Brigitte’s a german and the wedding was filled with german songs and family traditions – it was a wonderful feast! Before the couple headed off to honeymoon they shared a big farm breakfast with family and friends – this is a Horseshoe speciality and should never be missed. We love you both so much and are so honoured that you shose Horseshoe as your venue for this special day! Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1230 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1232 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1234 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1235Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1268 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1240 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1241 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1250 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1254 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1255 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1257 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1258 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1264 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1265  Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1272 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1274 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1275  Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1278 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1280 Tanya-Jacobs-Photography-Durban-Wedding-Photographer_1282The Cache movie trailer

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